How to use toontastic

Toontastic is like an story Creator so first you have to pick a topic like science or story. Then we have to make a character we can change colours and you can make a name for your character . After you have done with your character there will 5 options and you can pick what you want so for a example I pick question. Then after you picked your options there will be a some options for what background you want. After you picked what template you want there will be a record button you press that then you need to talk about what you want to say.

Story Creator

How To Use Story Creator

Story Creator is an app where you make a story and when you go onto the app you will see a book and when you want to delete it you have to pass the parental gate.

You can write and draw also you can put pictures. When you pass the parental gate, you have use 3 fingers.

The app has a mary gold and green glue stick on top of a brown note book.











Our new DL board

We are getting a new digital leader board by year 1 we will have QR codes that lead to a video of who we are and our best skills. Also there will be a sheet where you can hire us for a job when you are stuck with ICT. Also we will have a picture of each digital leader on there. We will explain more in the assembly today.

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What To Do If You Need Help

Hello West Thornton Primary Academy, my name is Mebin and today  I will be explaining what you need to do if you need help with technology.

Near the year 1 (downstairs) a digital leader board is in progress. On this board there will be a number of QR Codes which lead to our digital leaders DL video. There will also be a small sheet where you can sign up for help, You would need to write down your name, class,problem, which date you are free and which time you are free. We will be with you in 2-3 days. Also there will be a small whiteboard where you can write a question and we will answer that question on that same white board as soon as possible (we would also be making a how to video if you need help with anything other from technology, e.g. fractions, percentage etc). You could also ask a digital leader, they can be noticed by a red badge in the shape of a star or an  ID tag.  It should be done with 2-3 days.

Here is a Survey about what you want us to teach you!(Anyone can reply)

By Elvin