why do we go to courses?

We  do  courses   because we like teaching people new things and also because we can raise money to buy new things. We also like to do it because we like teaching them why we like being digital leader  and how we became . We also do  it because we like telling everybody why we do it. I enjoy it to because sometimes they ask me questions that I do not know then I learn it and then I know more.




What makes you a good digital leader or if your not a digital leader why do you want to be a digital?

I am a good digital leader because I enjoy helping people and I enjoy working on technology and helping young people and people with extra needs. 

Why I wanted to be a DL: I wanted to be a digital leader so I could be a role model of technology and help others with technology. 

Why are you a good DL?

Why I wanted to be a Digital Leader ?

I’ve always wanted to be a Digital Leader because I love to express and show off my knowledge that I have learn’t. So if I can’t protest my knowledge that means I can create a cool and a brilliant presentation in a exiting way that everybody can learn about things. In the same way I will learn how to use ICT myself.


By Sam