Preparation for our Digital Leader assembly

In our recent Digital Leaders meeting we decided that we should introduce our DL’s in a school assembly.

Can you think about how you would like to introduce yourself?

These questions may help you to write a short script….

1) What do you do as a Digital Leader?

2) What learning skills do you have that make you successful?

3) How can you help others with technology?

4) What is your favourite piece of technology and why?



As we start on our journey of blogging, I thought it would be a nice idea to read a blog that was written in order to give advise to new bloggers!

Here is a post about how to write a good comment on a blog.

It is a fantastic read, so thank you to Yahya at Highlawn Primary School for writing the post.

Can you think of anything else you could add to ‘How to write a good comment’?

What have you learnt from reading the post?