What do you want to learn about?

My name is Rafaela  and I am a new digital leader. I would like to learn about how to use some ipad apps such as : videoscribe and anamoto because I have never heard of these things. I’d also like to learn how to make qr codes if I learn how to make them I can learn to help people use them and teach other classes ,maybe even most of the teachers. Especially  my parents  aswell.

Being A Digital Leader

What I do as a digital leader!

I am a digital leader and I help my class mates with glitches.

If the screen is frozen and if they do not know what to do I am able to help them because I go on courses to learn how to trouble shoot problems.

As a Digital Leader I host events and teach other children how to make movies and teach them about what we do here at WT.

I like being a digital leader because I can help my class mates because it is really fun helping people with digital stuff and because I like helping people I get to learn more too!

If you were a Digital Leader what would you so with that responsibility?

How could I be an even better Digital Leader?


App Review – DL Challenge

Digital Leaders…I want to set you a challenge! You’re going to become teachers!

Here is the challenge –

Can you make a ‘How To’ video explaining something you have learnt this week?

Your video will be made to help others with their learning and to help them understand the subject you are teaching!

You can explain a maths concept like ‘How to use the grid method to multiply’ or how to do something in ICT like ‘How to make a QR Code’.

Here are the Apps I want you to trial when making your ‘How To’ video:

– Explain Everything
– Video Scribe
– Vittle Free

Once you have used one of these Apps and created your video, I would like you to review the App you used on this blog. Your review should include:

What App did you use?
Was the App easy to use?
What are the advantages of using this App?
Were there any disadvantages?
What else could you use the App for at school?
Rate the App out of 10!

Good luck with your challenge – I look forward to reading your reviews!