Story Creator

How To Use Story Creator

Story Creator is an app where you make a story and when you go onto the app you will see a book and when you want to delete it you have to pass the parental gate.

You can write and draw also you can put pictures. When you pass the parental gate, you have use 3 fingers.

The app has a mary gold and green glue stick on top of a brown note book.











What To Do If You Need Help

Hello West Thornton Primary Academy, my name is Mebin and today  I will be explaining what you need to do if you need help with technology.

Near the year 1 (downstairs) a digital leader board is in progress. On this board there will be a number of QR Codes which lead to our digital leaders DL video. There will also be a small sheet where you can sign up for help, You would need to write down your name, class,problem, which date you are free and which time you are free. We will be with you in 2-3 days. Also there will be a small whiteboard where you can write a question and we will answer that question on that same white board as soon as possible (we would also be making a how to video if you need help with anything other from technology, e.g. fractions, percentage etc). You could also ask a digital leader, they can be noticed by a red badge in the shape of a star or an  ID tag.  It should be done with 2-3 days.

Detailed Information About The ‘iPad Pro.’

iPad Pro is the latest and next generation of iPads. It has incredible power that leaps past portable PC’s at your fingertips. iPad Pro make complex work as natural as touching, swiping or writing using Apple Pencil. There are 2 types of sizes : the 12.9 inch model or the brand new 9.7 inch model. iPad Pro is more capable, versatile and portable than anywhere iPads. The key thing to iPad experience is the display. We use multi-touch to interact with iPads. The 12.9 inch model has the highest resolution of any iOS device however the new 9.7 inch model has the most advanced display and the brightest iPad and the leat reflective. The 9.7 inch iPad uses the same space colour digital industry. The 9.7 inch model has a true tone display. iPad Pro uses advanced 4 Chanel ambient light sensors to adapt with the light of your environment which make it more comfortable to use. This iPad also has a rich, wide and detailed soundstage no after house you hold it because of the orientation setting. The 64 A9X chip makes IPad Pro really fast and give 10 hours of battery life. In the iPad Pro there is a Smart Keyboard that fits 2. Because of the smart connector there are no leads, pairing or plugs. The iPad Pro has two remarkable cameras. The 12.9 inch model have 8 mega pixel iSight cameras. The 9.7 inch model iPad comes with 12 mega pixels iSight cameras. This capture 4K videos, 240 fps slow – mo’s and Live Photos. This is the first iPad with True Tone flash. It looks really sharp. The 9.7 inch model weighs 437g and the 12.9 inch model is 713g.

By Mebin 5.1

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What skill have I improved on since I was a Digital leader.

Hi my name is  Marcus and what I have learnt since I have been a digital leader is how to use Purple Mash. When I was not a Digital Leader I did not know what Purple Mash was now I have learnt it and can use it  whenever I want.

Another thing I learnt since becoming a Digital Leader is creating and iMovie. I did loads of courses and I have taught people how to use it. I learnt loads about it and can now do it!

A thing I want to learn is Scratch. I have never learnt it and would really like to to learn how to use it.

Another thing I want to learn is how to green screen. Then I can make my own film. I want to learn it because  I want to know loads about ICT and become really good at it.

What ICT do you like the most?

Asil: I like XBOX 360 the most because its very fun and if you have XBOX live gold you get a free game every month. Also if you are bored then you can watch youtube and Twitch.

Samuel: I like PS4 because you can play games on it when your bored if you buy all of the games they are not all violent. Also on PS4 you can Vs people from around the world not just single player.

Saboen: I like Ipad airs because it has good resources and its better than the normal Ipad because its faster.

Jeijan: I like Laptops because its fun and you can play games on it and learn on it.

Tabish: I like computers because you can have what ever games you want and you cann use it for research.

David A: I like Ipads because you can download apps and if you need some help you can use it for research.

Krishna: I like the radio station because there is lots of different equipment you can use and its a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Ilijah’s Mum: I like the Iphone 6 because its got lots of features to help me organize my day to day plans.

 Anton: I like the Ipads because nice and small if you want to do research you don’t have to wait to log on.