E-safety rules

E-safety means your being safe on the internet. Everybody knows that the internet is huge so you should be safe on it. To be safe on it there is some things. They are

Don’t tell anyone you don’t know your information or details.

Don’t post anything on the internet if you are are younger than 18 years old. 

Don’t talk to anyone you don’t know without your parents. 

To give you advice this is what you will need to do if you want to be safe on the internet.

8 Tips for E-safety!!

  1. Don’t give personal information to people online.
  2.  Don’t speak to people you don’t know online.
  3. Do not go on the internet and post something about you.
  4. Don’t go on YouTube without your parents permission
  5.   Don’t meet up with anyone that you speak to on the internet and you do not know about 
  6. Do not ever go on something that is not your age without your parents permission.
  7. Examples of some things that are not your age: Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat, You Tube ect.     
  8. When using things that are not your age make sure that your parents know what you are doing on it, if not then you can’t go on it.




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E-safety is one of the most dangerous thing affecting kids today so here are rules for keeping safe online! (E-safety).

1. Don’t tell ANYONE your address or where you live.

2. Don’t friend anyone that you don’t know.

3. Don’t meet up with anyone you don’t know he might be 18 when he says he’s 10.

4. If something comes up like You won a free iPhone 7! It’s fake press no because it is a scam.

5. If there is something that pops up saying there is a virus on your computer go to this website to get rid of it press no. it’s another scam.


I hope this helped you with being a bit more safe online!


E-Safety How to be safe online?

To make sure you are safe online use a password very weird so hackers can not get in to your account. Also when you are typing in your password it is not visible to anyone as how much you think you can trust them they could use hundreds and hundreds and maybe thousands of pounds on your account.

Make sure that when you download something no-one gets hold of it within fifteen minutes because you can download anything without putting your password of a recent download. Make sure you always use the right age for anything as online there are cyber bullies. Facebook,Twitter and other online social networks are only used by 18 or over.

When playing a game never accept anything someone offers you because it can sometimes be a scam or con not always but its better to be safe than sorry.

During a game you can download in-app purchases and you need to make sure that you have authority from your parents to download anything even if its free. I made a mistake when I was on a app called Clash Of Clans I downloaded something I knew was £4.99 and I just kept on getting more and more because it gets addictive so I am warning you don’t make the same mistake the full cost came to around £1200. What you have to do to turn off in app purchases is go in to the settings screen click general and click restrictions and click it and it should give you a option to turn it off.

This post has been put up for everyone to learn from my mistakes. So make sure you follow it.

What other ways are there to be safe online?