why do we go to courses?

We  do  courses   because we like teaching people new things and also because we can raise money to buy new things. We also like to do it because we like teaching them why we like being digital leader  and how we became . We also do  it because we like telling everybody why we do it. I enjoy it to because sometimes they ask me questions that I do not know then I learn it and then I know more.





What type of gadgets would help us and other schools  for education . For example  ipads ,laptop.

What type gadgets do you  use at home  and why ?

If you struggle with work then technology will come  in handy.

Why We Wanted To Become A Digital Leader?

I wanted to become a Digital Leader because I really like helping people with technology and I love using technology myself. I also wanted to be a Digital Leader so that I could take on responsibility while doing what I love (using tech).

In addition to that I wanted to be a Digital Leader because I love collaborating with people if they need help.

 Day 360 (Explored)