Our Digital Leader board!

Our Digital Leader board helps people find out who the Digital Leaders are. KG1 and KG2 would be able to recognise who we are. Our Digital Leaders are, Year 3, Adam, Melisha and Aswathy. Year 4, Kieran that’s me, Jason, Destiny, Arista, Ashviya and rafeaela. Year 5, Janani, Soleil, Ryan, Eliyga, Nathan and Krish. Year 6, Marcus, Mebin, Sara, and Christina. Of course our teachers, Miss Williamson and Sarah. We are a team of Digital Leaders and we work together to fix technology.

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what skills have I improved on!

I have used calibration since becoming a digital leader because I have to work together with the other digital leader’s and think of other plans with them to improve the school.

I have also done planning because I need to plan the earnings that I get from my course so I need to plan what I do with the money so we have to decide what to get.

I would like  to improve on the meetings that we have because we normally talk at the same time, so if we talk individually about what to get in the school like new technology, we will get more done!

why do we go to courses?

We  do  courses   because we like teaching people new things and also because we can raise money to buy new things. We also like to do it because we like teaching them why we like being digital leader  and how we became . We also do  it because we like telling everybody why we do it. I enjoy it to because sometimes they ask me questions that I do not know then I learn it and then I know more.




What is Prezi?

Prezi is an improved power point so like you do not need to go on Google its got  google comes with it so there’s no need to go on google at all even you can  change colour.

When you look at it does a moving effect that does it like a zoom!!  

You can change the backgrounds like a theater is one of the backgrounds,space,blue background and a boat.

if you want to learn more Prezi go to the website.












what I and people learnt in there life in digital leader

In my life in year 4 as a digital leader I learnt how to use I Movie by my friends that helped   me  so I can perfect it.  I am very happy as a  digital leader. Also my fellow friends helped me use    movie maker and soon I made my own.I really enjoy my life as a digital leader its  really fun.  These are what  my friends think

Sam: Throughout my time as a Digital Leader, I have learnt how to use Purple mash, I movie.

Elvin:I have learn’t how to make a video on the imac and how to re win!

Archana: As my time as a digital leader I have learnt how to use qr codes,purple mash,i movie, explain everything and Prezi.

Tiarnae: I have learnt many thing as a digital such as Qr codes,How to videos,Prezi, E safety,Explain everything and much more.

Ilijah: I have learnt how to use prezi.

Mrs Arli: I have learnt how to let the young digital leader   teach other children how to be one.

These are all the digital  leaders points.

Here is a Survey about what you want us to teach you!(Anyone can reply)

By Elvin

Being A Digital Leader

What I do as a digital leader!

I am a digital leader and I help my class mates with glitches.

If the screen is frozen and if they do not know what to do I am able to help them because I go on courses to learn how to trouble shoot problems.

As a Digital Leader I host events and teach other children how to make movies and teach them about what we do here at WT.

I like being a digital leader because I can help my class mates because it is really fun helping people with digital stuff and because I like helping people I get to learn more too!

If you were a Digital Leader what would you so with that responsibility?

How could I be an even better Digital Leader?


Favorite free apps

There are many apps on on the Ipad and on Andriod devices but some cost a bit. We want to know what is your favorite free app.

Maybe EA, iMovie, music or many more. Please leave a comment and let us know what your favorite  app is. Put whatever you want to say about this and put down as much as apps on your comment.

Now there are free apps on the internet that you can use to help you with your writing,reading and maths. I like using the Ipad in school because we can learn and play at the same time.

What are your favourite Apps?