How to use toontastic

Toontastic is like an story Creator so first you have to pick a topic like science or story. Then we have to make a character we can change colours and you can make a name for your character . After you have done with your character there will 5 options and you can pick what you want so for a example I pick question. Then after you picked your options there will be a some options for what background you want. After you picked what template you want there will be a record button you press that then you need to talk about what you want to say.

Story Creator

How To Use Story Creator

Story Creator is an app where you make a story and when you go onto the app you will see a book and when you want to delete it you have to pass the parental gate.

You can write and draw also you can put pictures. When you pass the parental gate, you have use 3 fingers.

The app has a mary gold and green glue stick on top of a brown note book.











What we are learning about?

Recently in Digital Leader club we have been learning about stop motion and have been making some and learning the basics of it.

How does stop motion work?
Stop motion works from taking a picture of something with slight movements so when it is played it appears to be moving by itself.

What is stop motion?
Stop Motion is a form of 3D animation that isn`t digital and it is all made through cameras and objects or sculptures.

What would you make a stop motion about?

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Lego WeDo

Recently in digital leader club we have been playing with lego WeDo. You build the lego into a robot and then connect it to the lego WeDo app. You can make it move and make many different models. One of the most common models are mido, you have four types of them. In year 5 we have also been using thes for a focus group and we mad a moon robot. It is a form of coding and it is called  block coding.

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What Pieces Of Technology Did I Use In The Half Term!

  1. Hello guys, welcome back from half term. Did you enjoy yourselves? Have you done anything? Where have you been in the Half Term? But what I really want to know is, what pieces of technology have you used this half term?  (I mean things like an iPad and stuff, not microwaves or oven or things). Well I will tell you what pieces of technology I have used, maybe you could answer my questions in the comment area.

In this half term I have used many pieces of technology. I have used my IPad Air 2 for making and replying to posts on Edmodo. I also used it for looking at the blog. I have used an IPad for playing games such as Fifa 16 ultimate team and DR Driving. I have used my laptop (Lenovo) for research of things, I also used it for playing a game called Roblox, its like Minecraft but not exact same. I have also used it for writing this blog about  The pieces of technology used in the half term. I have used my LG Smart TV to watch movies at night and play DVD’s. I also used those curved TV’s in my friends house. I also played on a Samsung Tablet at a sleepover I had in my friends house.

By Mebin

Get ready for learning..

My first Course

on the 15/1/16 I had my first course. Forest Academy came around in the morning and WTPA Digital Leaders had to present a prezi to them. Then we partnered up with one person from Forest Academy and made an IMovie on why we want to be a digital leader. After that at around 12:30 we watched eachothers videos. We didn’t want them to go empty handed so we let them keep the DL Videos and a digital leader pencil.

By Mebin 5.1

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What ICT have I used this week in school


This week I have used many resources. I have used an IPad for researching abut Anderson and Morrison shelters. Did you know you can make an Morrison shelter into a table to eat dinner, lunch, breakfast and meals.  I also used an IPad for one of the focus group about how did WW2 begin (World War 2). He had to research and write down information on an app called poplet, this is similar to mind maps, only better. I have used an IPad to write on the digital leaders blog as well. I have used laptops for printing pictures, researching about WW2  planes and using the blog.

What pieces of Technology have you used this week?

What skill have I improved on since I was a Digital leader.

Hi my name is  Marcus and what I have learnt since I have been a digital leader is how to use Purple Mash. When I was not a Digital Leader I did not know what Purple Mash was now I have learnt it and can use it  whenever I want.

Another thing I learnt since becoming a Digital Leader is creating and iMovie. I did loads of courses and I have taught people how to use it. I learnt loads about it and can now do it!

A thing I want to learn is Scratch. I have never learnt it and would really like to to learn how to use it.

Another thing I want to learn is how to green screen. Then I can make my own film. I want to learn it because  I want to know loads about ICT and become really good at it.