E-safety is one of the most dangerous thing affecting kids today so here are rules for keeping safe online! (E-safety).

1. Don’t tell ANYONE your address or where you live.

2. Don’t friend anyone that you don’t know.

3. Don’t meet up with anyone you don’t know he might be 18 when he says he’s 10.

4. If something comes up like You won a free iPhone 7! It’s fake press no because it is a scam.

5. If there is something that pops up saying there is a virus on your computer go to this website to get rid of it press no. it’s another scam.


I hope this helped you with being a bit more safe online!


Being A Digital Leader

What I do as a digital leader!

I am a digital leader and I help my class mates with glitches.

If the screen is frozen and if they do not know what to do I am able to help them because I go on courses to learn how to trouble shoot problems.

As a Digital Leader I host events and teach other children how to make movies and teach them about what we do here at WT.

I like being a digital leader because I can help my class mates because it is really fun helping people with digital stuff and because I like helping people I get to learn more too!

If you were a Digital Leader what would you so with that responsibility?

How could I be an even better Digital Leader?


Steps to using Book creater on the iPad

1.Get on book creater and click new book.

2.Next choose a book shape.

3.In the top right hand corner it will have two T’s. Click it and write your title. To make it bigger click i and you will be able to change it.

4. If you would like a picture on the cover there will be a picture button in the top right corner and you can choose from your gallery.

5.Its the same for every page of your book to write and put pictures.

If you have any questions. Please Ask,


Scrabble! of sorts