Our DL Assembly

Hello world. My name is Mebin and I am a digital leader. Today was an exciting day for the Digital Leaders because we had our very own assembly. This assembly was about what we do and how we can help you, we also recruited new Digital Leaders so in this assembly we also introduced our new members. We made a very fun game called Guess The App. The idea of this game was to guess the app by its logo before it reveals its name. We even made a prezi as a background for our assembly. We introduced our new Digital Leaders Board (see further details in our blog page, the name of that post is What To Do If You Need Help). I think our school really enjoyed our assembly.

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What To Do If You Need Help

Hello West Thornton Primary Academy, my name is Mebin and today  I will be explaining what you need to do if you need help with technology.

Near the year 1 (downstairs) a digital leader board is in progress. On this board there will be a number of QR Codes which lead to our digital leaders DL video. There will also be a small sheet where you can sign up for help, You would need to write down your name, class,problem, which date you are free and which time you are free. We will be with you in 2-3 days. Also there will be a small whiteboard where you can write a question and we will answer that question on that same white board as soon as possible (we would also be making a how to video if you need help with anything other from technology, e.g. fractions, percentage etc). You could also ask a digital leader, they can be noticed by a red badge in the shape of a star or an  ID tag.  It should be done with 2-3 days.

How To Make And Scan QR Codes

Hello World

Today, I will be teaching you how to scan and make QR Codes.

What Do You Need:

  1. Computer/Laptop/iPad/Tablet/Phone
  2. Internet/WIFI
  3. Somewhere to download your QR Code
  4. The QR Code Scanner App (Which can be downloaded)

How To Make A QR Code

  1. Go on to Google/Chrome etc., and type in www.qrstuff.com. Select the website which is called ‘QR Stuff.’
  2. Next, select your data type, when I said this I mean select what type of thing is it. Example: website url, YouTube video, PDF file, etc. You will be able to select this in the Left side of the website.
  3. Then, type in the url or content in the box. For example if I wanted a website to be the QR code. I would time the URL of the website in that box. You can find the URL of the website in the search bar which is just under the place where it shows your tabs.
  4. You can then select what kind of colour you want you code to be.
  5. Last but not least press the ‘DOWNLOAD YOUR QR CODE’ button, which can be found just under the actual code.

 How To Scan Your QR Code

  1. Firstly, go on to you phone/iPad/Tablet etc. and download a app called ‘Qrafter.’
  2. After you open your app, press the Scan With Camera button and scan your QR Code. After you scan it, a lot of options will come. Such as: If you are the scanning the barcode of  a product, most of the different shops you can get it from will come up, pressing it will give you information about the product including price. If you are scanning a file a lot of options will come up as well, press which one is suitable for you.
  3. You can also scan a QR Code you have taken a picture of. Simply press the button which sais ‘Scan from photo albums’ and select your picture.

I hope you learnt something from me today and you successfully made or scanned a QR Code.

By Mebin 6.1

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Top 6 Trips For Internet Safety

  1. Do not make friend on online games with people you do not know.
  2. Do you not click on adverts that pop up saying things like ‘Its your chance to win a new iPad.’
  3. Always tell a adult if you found something inappropriate or something that hurts you.
  4. Only go on games with your age rating appropriate.
  5. Do not go on soft wares like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat and many more unless you are that age appropriate.
  6. Do not give out personal information online.

Visiting Hemingford Grey


Some of the Digital Leaders from West Thornton visited a school in Cambridge; the school was called Hemingford Grey. You may be wondering what we done there? Well, the digital leaders from Hemingford Grey and West Thornton combined into a number of groups. We were learning how to programme robots called Storm Minders. We had to programme this robot to complete an obstacle course Hemingford Grey made without it touching to the sides due to point loss. Our team, which we called ‘West Hemingford’ came first and Marcus’s team came second. We had so much fun and we made it back just in time.

I am not going to talk too much about it because I know you will ask questions in the comment section bellow.

By Mebin 6.1

What Is My Favourite Gadget And Why?

IPad Pro

My favourite gadget is an IPad Pro because on an IPad you can download games and apps. Also downloading the app makes it easier to get through website quicker. It’s a light weighted gadget that you can carry around and it was excellent speed. I like it because it is the latest IPad model with an apple pen, this is used on the IPad Pro. I like IPads because you can connect to smart T.V’s by using apple TV. Another reason I like IPad Pro is because you can airdrop things to other people.

BY Mebin 5.1