What gadget I use this week?

I used a laptop today for prezi on the new school we made up we are going to present our prezi to the governors. Our school’s name is Elite Star Academy. We done a vision while I was doing prezi with my group I taught lots of people new things about prezi and I also taught myself new things. We even wrote a school vision. We talked about what ICT we wanted like surface pro 3, laptops, I pads, I macs and many more.



About myself as a digital leader!

Hello my name is Archana and I am going to be talking about,About myself as a digital leader! My role as a Digital leader is that in Digital leaders you  get learn about technology and how to use new stuff such as I pads,Computers,laptops,I pods and a kindle. My favourite gadgets are an i pad air 2, i pod, i phone 6,  i mac and touch table.

I like helping people with ICT because it is really fun and also I like helping people. I like teaching people new things that they do not know I like doing that because then I get to learn it more when I am teaching people. I know how to use  qr codes, prezis, i movie,explain everything and many more.

The things that I am really good at doing is that making i movies, prezis etc,etc and many more. In year 2 I have been called down to help them with purple mash when I done purple mash with them I learnt a new things.

What is your favourite gadget?

Have you helped people with their technology?