Qr code

Hello World

Today i am going to tell you about Qr codes.

What do you need:


Internet / WIFI

Somewhere to download your Qr code

Qr code scanner app (which can be downloaded)

Qr codes are links that have been copied from things like videos and made into like a square box which is in black and white, but this box isn’t any ordinary box it’s a Qr code,Qr codes are very easy to make.Here is a step by step guide:1st you have to go onto a website called Qrstuff.com and click on the first one that says Qr code generator. 2nd You have to copy your link and paste it on the place on qrstuff where it says paste your URL here. -}images (12) 

3rd If you look in the corner it says download qr code here you download  it and then you will have it saved on your computer.

Now using your qr code app scan over the Qr code and it will show up on your device so you can watch your qr code

I hope you have learnt  something new – many Thanks Tiarnae

Favourite apps

I have more than 1 favourite app. My first favourite app is key note because instead of having to get a laptop and do a PowerPoint i can do it on a I pad, I pod or I phone.

Kajin:  My favourite app is imovie because you can film and edit very easily.

Ilijah:I enjoy using Fifa 15 companion because its a very fun game and i can use it all the time on the go.

what is your oppinion


Why I like being a Digital Leader (DL)

I enjoy being a DL because I can find out how to use more technology that I do not know how to use. Also I will be able to learn how to do things like QR coding and much more.

Ashley: I enjoy being a DL because I love technology.

Elijah: I enjoy being a digital leader because i can help people when they have problems with technology.

Thank you for reading my post, I look forward to getting loads of replies.

By Tiarnae