I have been learning!

During my time as a Digital Leader, learning has been key. This is because without learning I won’t be a potential person for helping others.

So far, I have learn’t how to make a Chroma Key, which is a Green Screen. The app I use for these wonderful background changers, is Video Toolbox. (Remember, for the Green  Screen click “Chroma Key”.

This is the app link :


The 2 best colours are Blue and Green. Therefore you should not have the same colour with  your clothing.

Pie Chart on visitors on 5:3’s blog

Here is a pie chart on the visitors on the 5:3 blog.


I had to put it on here because I don’t have add media icon on my 5:3 post page.

Anyway, on Microsoft Word there is a icon which says chart, and then click pie because if your creating a pie chart then you chose which type you want. Next, Microsoft Excel will open up, due to the fact that it will be like a script for the pie chart. Therefore, it will do everything automatically once you’ve typed your text. Once you have typed the script, look at what you have done and you maybe can improve it.


If there is some improvements needed come and tell me. In addition to this try and make your own pie chart.

Why I wanted to be a Digital Leader ?

I’ve always wanted to be a Digital Leader because I love to express and show off my knowledge that I have learn’t. So if I can’t protest my knowledge that means I can create a cool and a brilliant presentation in a exiting way that everybody can learn about things. In the same way I will learn how to use ICT myself.


By Sam