Our first course

Earlier this year, the digital leaders have doing a course with Christ church primary school. We made a prezi to present to the other school about how the digital leaders around the school works. Then we partnered up with some of the other digital leaders in Christ church to make an IMovie. We don’t want any of our guests to go home empty handed so we let them walk away with their very own digital leader video.

So that is what we did on our first ever digital leaders course with Christ church. If some of you think we could have done something else than reply on this post.                                                              

Thank you for reading my post about what we did on Friday 16th January and our first ever course in 2015, the date of our first ever course.

What skills I have learnt as a Digital Leader

I have learnt how to do a lot of things but the things that are vital to my career as being a digital is that I know how to fix computers and problems, but if I just can’t solve it, I would go to the other digital leaders or Sarah.

Also, an important skill that I should learn is that you always need to be aware about problem and notifications because if you don’t spot a problem, even the slightest scratch, your screen or software could grow worse and even more worse. So I feel that I need to improve on my noticing skills.

What my favorite app/game is

My favorite game is Minecraft because it is a awesome program with endless possibilities of building, mining, crafting and exploring.

One of the best things is that you get to play with your friends. Also building is the main priority in Minecraft as well as adventuring but sheltering is more important. There could be a chance you get get killed or blown up by a creeper so be aware of your surroundings. The most common house to build is a wooden and cobblestone house  because it is more easier to find than diamond, iron and gold.



Your enemies are quite easy to find because if you see holes in the ground then its a creeper because they are green and they blow up.

Minecraft is definitely my favorite game because you can do anything. There are 1000’s of mods in the mod packs and you can play on PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2-4, PSP, Wii, Wii U and much, much, much more consoles.