Steps to using Book creater on the iPad

1.Get on book creater and click new book.

2.Next choose a book shape.

3.In the top right hand corner it will have two T’s. Click it and write your title. To make it bigger click i and you will be able to change it.

4. If you would like a picture on the cover there will be a picture button in the top right corner and you can choose from your gallery.

5.Its the same for every page of your book to write and put pictures.

If you have any questions. Please Ask,


Scrabble! of sorts

Our New Club!

We will be starting a new club at our school which will run on a Thursday and children in Year 1, 2 and 3 will be able to enter.

Has anyone got any ideas of what we could do at our club?

Remember that this club is about teaching people how to use technology.

From Nadia

my boys from class 3 :D

Why did I want to be a digital leader?

I wanted to be a Digital Leader since I was good at using technology and I wanted to help other people with using technology. Also I have a lot of digital items at home such as Ipad, PS3, Nintendo DS and  a Wii. I ussally help my family with their laptop or their phone because there wasn’t a lot of electric items when they were kids. Being a digital leader would mean I am reponsible for helping my teacher on the computer and I enjoy helping people especially on the computer.

Apple Aluminum MacBook (Late 2008)