Recomended Apps From DL Team

Every week I will be updating you on brand new apps for your android phones and your iPod’s this is a new thing that I’m trying out so I hope you enjoy

This week I’ve picked the snoopy coaster and head soccer . firstly the snoopy coaster . Snoopy is the white cartoon dog and now he has his own roller coaster and you have to help him get the most famous coaster In the world . Moving on head soccer it basically is a football game a bit like sports head football just with special moves .


Dl team

This is actully quiet cool having my own blog and letting you guys comment about it . Moving on , i like to use my gadets at home but what i really like is that being a digital leader because i get to show off my gadget skills. Now i have a question for you what gadgets do you like useing and why ? It would be amazing if you were to reply . Late night