What I Learnt From Yahya

Miss Arli, I have learnt a lot from Yahya such as leaving examples for good comments, making the reader understand what you mean in the comment and giving good points. Also we have to make sure that there a no spelling mistakes and that what you read is sensible. I will be sharing this with the Digital Leaders of Year 1, 2 and 3.

What I Do As A Digital Leader

My role as a Digital Leader is to help people with their technical problems and make sure I am one of the people who are asked questions about the laptops and other things to do with technology. Another thing I do as a Digital Leader is make sure all the technical things such as computers are in working order and people are treating them properly. Being a Digital Leader is a big responsibility and I am ready to take the challenge ahead and I hope I can inspire other people to be Digital Leaders as well.

The Underground Peoplemover to the International Terminal

Launching How-To Videos

Digital Leaders will now be starting How-To videos to show people what to do if they get stuck or confused when using various types of technology. We think that people need to know the simple way of fixing their digital devices. How-To videos are not only for the school they are for everyone to see because even adults get stuck using technology. There will also be some How-To videos on our West Thornton blog. and we will give you more information on when they will be launched on the blog.