How to use toontastic

Toontastic is like an story Creator so first you have to pick a topic like science or story. Then we have to make a character we can change colours and you can make a name for your character . After you have done with your character there will 5 options and you can pick what you want so for a example I pick question. Then after you picked your options there will be a some options for what background you want. After you picked what template you want there will be a record button you press that then you need to talk about what you want to say.

My favourite app on the IPad and laptops also known as computers


My favourite app on the IPad and laptop which is known as a computer is Toontastic because in the app, you can make Also, if you make a characters move with their move and also, you can have a voice for all of the characters. Also after this fact, you might think that ToonTastic is one of the best apps. In the video, you can make the font size smaller or bigger and you can have fun with it and make different types of names for the characters and do any types of names except from rude names. If you like films and making films , then you would like this film game. It is very fun and enjoyable for you to do.



Story Creator

How To Use Story Creator

Story Creator is an app where you make a story and when you go onto the app you will see a book and when you want to delete it you have to pass the parental gate.

You can write and draw also you can put pictures. When you pass the parental gate, you have use 3 fingers.

The app has a mary gold and green glue stick on top of a brown note book.











E-safety rules

E-safety means your being safe on the internet. Everybody knows that the internet is huge so you should be safe on it. To be safe on it there is some things. They are

Don’t tell anyone you don’t know your information or details.

Don’t post anything on the internet if you are are younger than 18 years old. 

Don’t talk to anyone you don’t know without your parents. 

To give you advice this is what you will need to do if you want to be safe on the internet.

What we are learning about?

Recently in Digital Leader club we have been learning about stop motion and have been making some and learning the basics of it.

How does stop motion work?
Stop motion works from taking a picture of something with slight movements so when it is played it appears to be moving by itself.

What is stop motion?
Stop Motion is a form of 3D animation that isn`t digital and it is all made through cameras and objects or sculptures.

What would you make a stop motion about?

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Lego WeDo

Recently in digital leader club we have been playing with lego WeDo. You build the lego into a robot and then connect it to the lego WeDo app. You can make it move and make many different models. One of the most common models are mido, you have four types of them. In year 5 we have also been using thes for a focus group and we mad a moon robot. It is a form of coding and it is called  block coding.

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