Important Tips to stay safe on the Internet

Tips to stay safe on the internet

  1. Don’t post personal information on the internet like your address, mobile number or any other personal details.
  2. To never post personal photos or videos as other people can save it or download it so it doesn’t belong to you anymore.
  3. Never to make friends with anyone online as they could pretend to be your age and then steal your personal information.
  4. To think carefully about what you say on the internet, even though you delete it that piece of info will still be saved somewhere on the internet.
  5. If you are on the internet and you see something you don’t like: immediately leave the website and tell an adult that you trust.
  6. To never give out your personal passwords to even anyone you know apart from your parents.
  7. To always check carefully before downloading or installing any software because could put your computer in a virus.
  8. Never to meet up with anyone even if they pretend to be your friend as the person could not be who you think it is and wish to harm you.

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