what I and people learnt in there life in digital leader

In my life in year 4 as a digital leader I learnt how to use I Movie by my friends that helped   me  so I can perfect it.  I am very happy as a  digital leader. Also my fellow friends helped me use    movie maker and soon I made my own.I really enjoy my life as a digital leader its  really fun.  These are what  my friends think

Sam: Throughout my time as a Digital Leader, I have learnt how to use Purple mash, I movie.

Elvin:I have learn’t how to make a video on the imac and how to re win!

Archana: As my time as a digital leader I have learnt how to use qr codes,purple mash,i movie, explain everything and Prezi.

Tiarnae: I have learnt many thing as a digital such as Qr codes,How to videos,Prezi, E safety,Explain everything and much more.

Ilijah: I have learnt how to use prezi.

Mrs Arli: I have learnt how to let the young digital leader   teach other children how to be one.

These are all the digital  leaders points.

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