Favourite apps

I have more than 1 favourite app. My first favourite app is key note because instead of having to get a laptop and do a PowerPoint i can do it on a I pad, I pod or I phone.

Kajin:  My favourite app is imovie because you can film and edit very easily.

Ilijah:I enjoy using Fifa 15 companion because its a very fun game and i can use it all the time on the go.

what is your oppinion


5 thoughts on “Favourite apps

  1. I like the way you have added lots of different people’s opinion.
    I have many favourite apps such as IMovie and keynote. I enjoy using IMovie because it is very easy to film and edit so we can make it better by looking at all the different edits.
    Using keynote is very easy because I don’t have to get a laptop and it is very easy and I think they have better effects.

  2. Mine is a ps3 because you can put all kinds of games.
    Also purple mash because you can put your own games and other stuff.
    Scratch because it is fun to work on.

  3. My favorite gadget is the lenovo yoga tablet because it can fold into a tablet and switch back into a laptop. I like it because its not too big or not too small.

    By Ohm

  4. Guys thank you for all your amazing comments if there are any more apps that you would like to say or any other consoles that you play please say.
    Thanks Tiarnae

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